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This site is dedicated to Meteorites. Meteorites are not a business to me but I am a meteorite collector, astronomer and enthusiast.
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Archaeological finds and historic descriptions show that meteorites were venerated by many peoples and in all ages. And even today, enhanced by the light of recent scientific insights, one can hardly resist the fascination of these stones and irons from space:

Their characteristics and composition, which set them apart from terrestrial rocks, their immense age, that leads us back to the days of origin of our solar system, the spectacular phenomena associated with their falls, their rôle in the formation of the Earth and their influence on the development of life - such a meteorite is, after all, a formidable memento mori, for the impact of a major mass, with the associated liberation of energy and the resulting catastrophic consequences, represents a constant, real threat to the continued existence of mankind -, to name but a few aspects. (I have drawn up a list of introductory literature in German under Links, Books & Dealers).

Despite their rarity and their scientific relevance - which is unbroken, even in our age of space travel and exploration - meteorites are accessible not only to an exclusive circle of specialist collectors, but also comparatively affordable for those who appreciate such extraterrestrial matter for one reason or an other, be it for their high symbolic content or on esoteric grounds.

What they all share in, however, experienced collector and somebody who may call but one meteorite their own alike, is the amazing feeling of possessing an object which, in this world of ours that has grown so small these days, stems from where never man set foot before, and of being able to touch what, literally, is "not from this world".

A few brief words on myself
Like so many others before, I have fallen under the spell of meteorites through amateur astronomy.
My other great passion is collecting astronomical writings and prints from all centuries, in particular of baroque star maps, and as a student of medieval language literature, my interest is bent upon research into astronomical manuscripts of the middle ages, with a main focus on the planispherical astrolabe.

Well, in order to extend my collections, I am now giving my debut as "a dealer of distant worlds". And therefore I consider myself a collector rather than one of the narrowly professional dealers who have to be intent on maximizing their profits.

I think, however, that I don't have to say much about my price level - I rather leave that up to your own personal evaluation. For I would like to strongly advise you to always compare prices thoroughly before buying a meteorite! After all, the purchase of a meteorite usually represents an investment of some size and comparing the offers is always worthwhile, as there are quite significant price differences on the market.

(You'll find a list of European dealers as well as a link to the Dealers' List under Links, Books & Dealers). - Anyway, I am hoping for your support in my efforts of making available an ever larger spectrum of meteorites at prices as low as possible to those who are interested in them, and of publicising further economical sources of supply.

This is it. And before you'll now stroll on to examine my display, I'd like you to share with me in the enthusiasm of Franz Ritter von Kobell (from: Meyer`s Volksbibliothek, Vol.41, ca. 1845)

"For how long many a meteor stone may have flown his circular flight as a small descendent of a planet, through the midst of the immense masses of the great regents of the skies, what revolution may have torn him away into the wide, strange stellar space and have separated him from his mother Ceres or Pallas or whatever her name, how many things may have befallen him during his voyages through those dizzy heights, which man can hardly comprise in their extent, except for those moments of sublime feeling, which at the same time make him bough to HIM who hath created and disposed as HE pleaseth?! Such are the thoughts that rise in us, as we look at the black, mysterious stone, which now lies cold and motionless in our cabinets and which, methinks, in bright nights, when he sees the distant stars twinkling outside, may yearn back to the times of his freedom with its audacious flights, that he relished in."

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